5 Tips On Designing a Luxury Living Room

Whether you are buying a new house or upgrading your old abode, having a decor theme is a crucial part. Whether your style is more “old world classical” or “modern sharp designs”, choosing the right materials, furniture, and color should be your priority. If you like sleek, modern designs with clean lines and textural elements, then it’s a contemporary look that you are looking for, and here are 5 tips on designing a luxury modern living room.

  • Considering the primary use of your living room: Firstly, you need to decide whether you will use the space for hosting formal gatherings with couches and TV, or as a cozy place for you and your family to spend time. Figuring out what you want will greatly help you decide the layout and theme that you want. 
  • Choosing the right textures and colors for the right mood: Firstly, decide what you want your living room to represent when somebody walks in. Your living room will represent your style and taste, so choosing the right materials and colors to go on is important. Use natural materials like wool, cotton, silk for upholstery. You can use natural dark or light wood for your furniture to give them a nice classy yet modern look.
  • Accents: If you’re going for a bold and catchy look, hang large-scale artworks and photographs incorporating colors and objects that will pop-out. You can use wood, metal, stone, or glass-top for the side tables. Just remember not to clutter the room with too many elements, keep them spaced out. 
  • Lighting: Lighting can also help to enrich the environment and can give it a certain look and feel. Use recessed lighting, spotlights, and cove lights for good effect, providing highlights for your artworks. You can also mount metallic wall scones with calm but warm colors like yellow and orange to give them a neutral warm vibe. Elegant floor lamps are also very useful.
  • Choosing the right furniture: Take consideration of furniture that is bold and simple, conveying nothing but your personal taste for your room. You can pick a nice smooth curved sofa in any color, complementing it with a dark wood or glass top coffee table. Arrange your furniture in a way that encourages interactions and conversations. Adding a side lamp will also help greatly. 

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