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Are Wall Papers Still Trendy In Home Interior?

From interior designers in Bangalore, are you looking for wallpaper trends and some insider news on how you can get the best of the Trends and designs this year?  If you are contemplating whether wallpapers are still in trend or not then read on.

The good news is that wallpapers are trending interior accessories   for this new year  and are here to stay. 

Whatever may be your choice of wallpaper there is always something for everyone’s  like and taste. Wallpapers come in various hues and colours and some mind blowing  prints right from  florals to geometric,  contemporary styles  depicting tropical patterns  as well as animal prints.

Wallpapers can be very easily incorporated by interior decorators in Bangalore  and always help create a unique and dramatic look. With the progress in printing technology and the kind of finish that it offers,   it is constantly pushing the limit and there are endless options. 

Ability of such wide range of variety makes it highly exciting for  home dwellers to choose from.

Another emerging trend is the  use of different surfaces  patterns on the wall. Wall prints are no longer restricted only two paper and can be done on cloth and mix material as well. This is possible with pretty much any kind of design and motif.  There is a wide usage and calls  for a much bold and over the top style.

While, wallpaper is more of a European concept,  Indian homes too have embraced them quiet well and Indian style homes can be seen laced with wallpaper designs in there interior  spaces.  Equally popular are these with commercial   as well as office properties.  There are a variety of patterns specific to the  usage and can be added accordingly. 

Floral prints are big trending  wallpaper designs  these days and can be  very easily adapted to match any  given  space  for vintage contemporary or retro look. This fresh and new patterns have completely taken over the interior scene  and  give a very easy access to those of you looking for some floral  prints in your interior theme.

Prints inspired by some of the  bold palettes are also trending quite a lot these days.  They give you are a combination of designs and patterns that are a mix of bold and subtle shades. 

 Bold patterns also  give one a chance to mix and match some interior patterns  as Ikats or block prints from Rajasthani with some strong plain colours that make these prints stand out. It is important to note here that, before going for such combinations should consider that these colours and patterns complement each other.

Talking about sustainability which is always the main goal, Best interior designers in Bangalore has also embraced it with open arms. With an increased  awareness regarding the preservation of nature,  some unique and bolt  nature oriented prints are also available in wallpapers today. 

These offer a great look for spaces that need to establish a connect with the nature. It is also great effort to bring outside inside and create a natural looking environment.

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