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Different types of materials are used for flooring.

There are different types of flooring materials in the market whose selection depends on the choice of the user, aesthetics, and application. A floor is the leveled surface in a building, it provides the support for objects in a building. When choosing materials to use on a floor, you should consider the type of building, and the traffic it holds. For instance, a sitting room usually has high traffic since many people walk through it, and it’s where most people gather for meals. These areas with high traffic require hard and durable materials to help them last. However, low-traffic areas do not necessarily require these durable tiles.

The best materials for flooring a buildings are Cement or lime concrete, Bricks, Flagstones, Marble, Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, Mud and marram, Wood, Cork, Linoleum, Asphalt, and Rubber. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of these materials.

  • Cement or concrete.

Most homeowners in the countryside might prefer this type of flooring because it is cheaper than the others, durable, and suitable for any construction.

  • Bricks.

Although bricks are used for flooring, they are not the best for residential or public buildings. They are mostly used in less important rooms, whereby burnt bricks, same sizes, and color are used to create a uniform floor.

  • Flagstones.

This is the main substance used to manufacture tiles in different sizes and shape mostly found along rock bed planes. They come in reddish color that makes the flor stylish.

  • Ceramic material.

Ceramic tiles are a common flooring material used in modern flooring. Tiles made from ceramic are known for their hardness, brittleness, good comprehensive resistance.

Ceramic materials provide the best outdoor ceramic tiles for places like sidewalks, verandahs, and areas with high traffic. This is because they are very durable and their hardness makes them withhold a large weight.

  • Glass materials.

Most storey buildings can be made of glass, this is because glass transmits light from the upper floor to the lower floor. Even though glass tiles are expensive, they provide and beautiful look and feel of your house. They are available in the market in form of fixed frames which are fixed on your floor. One advantage of glass tiles is that they are easy to clean and maintain. This is because they do not get easily stained mostly from acidic substances like lemon and vinegar.

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