Granite Countertops Benefits in Bathrooms

Why granite in bathrooms?

I am sure most of you would be wondering why would you need granite in your bathroom? Probably because it is a preconceived notion that granite is used only in the kitchen. However, let us clear all the myths around granite bathroom countertops today. Granite au Sommet provides you a large variety of granite bathroom countertops that will add to the beauty of your house.

Characteristics of granite countertops

  • Granite is not delicate and as fancy a natural stone as you think. It is actually very durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Dark-colored granite countertops are very well protected and require sealing maybe once a year.
  • The notion of granite slabs and countertops being too heavy is also wrong. The beauty in the construction and installation process is that the weight is evenly distributed all over the surface.
  • Your kitchen and bathroom are two locations that set apart your home from others. Utilizing a luxury natural stone like granite adds to the beauty and elegance of the house.
  • Available in various colors, styles, and patterns.
  • Another important benefit of granite is that it has good resale value. When you plan on selling the house or moving out, the return on investment will be good.

Granite countertop benefits

Granite is surely highly-priced in general, however, it is fairly economical to use as compared to most marble varieties. As compared to other natural stone countertops, granite countertops are fairly easy to maintain. Just make sure no harsh and strong cleaners such as Windex, bleach, or vinegar are used to clean the surface. Granite countertops can be easily cleaned using just hot soap water. However, granite bathroom countertops will have to be re-sealed once a year or more depending on how you maintain them.

The resistance of granite against heat and humidity also makes it an ideal choice for your bathroom countertops. The fact that they are natural stones, makes them environment friendly and sustainable to use. Granite can be used in the form of tiles or slabs as per your requirement. Granite slabs can be placed over bathrooms of any size as long as the installation is done right.

Granite au Sommet is there at your service whether you need a bathroom countertop for your home or office. Proper & meticulous measurements and installations are carried out by our professionals. So whether you need wall coverings, faucets, bathroom countertops, or kitchen countertops, we are the one-stop solution.

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