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Ordering metal photo prints on aluminum: Things to know!

No matter whether you are doing your office from scratch, or want to simply add that accenting wall art, photo prints are just perfect. Instead of getting standard ready posters, you can consider something like aluminum photo prints¸ which can be a great way to add some extra glamour to commercial spaces in particular. As the name suggests, aluminum photo prints are printed on aluminum, and while there are options to get pictures and images printed on glass for indoor use, aluminum has its own unique charm. If you are looking for designs and ideas, you could check for Big Acrylic aluminum photo prints and place an order online, based on specific requirements and custom dimensions. Here are some more aspects worth knowing. 

The beauty of printing on aluminum

First and foremost, aluminum photo prints look much different from glass or acrylic. When photos are printed on aluminum, the finish is matter, instead of glossy or shiny, and that allows for rich and stunning color production. In case you want to get the glossy finish on aluminum, that is also possible with a special varnish. 

Options in designs

There are different finishes in aluminum photo prints that you can choose from. The more common one is called the brush metal, which has the perfect matte look, which works really well for certain photos. Some companies also sell what is called aluminum photo prints on white metal, which allows for better colors and amazing contrast. The actual photo is printed on a specific kind of polyethylene material, while aluminum panels are on the outside. The biggest advantage of metal prints lies in the material itself. If you are using photo prints for outdoor display, you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting the look and design of your metal prints. 

About ordering online

If you want to place an order for metal prints online, you have to consider all relevant aspects, including the custom sizes that can be printed. Also, you are responsible for offering images that must be printed, so unless the real photos are clear and of good quality, do not expect high results on aluminum. Regardless of the size of your order, consider getting an estimate in advance, and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions related to samples, designs, and color reproduction. 

Work with a company that has a wide range of metal print designs and finishes on offer and has worked for both commercial and residential clients.

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