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Patina powder coat for adding life to surfaces

Applying patina powder coat on surfaces is important to maintain their grace and enhance curb value. In recent times, powder coating of items and surfaces made from ductile iron and carbon steel has assumed great importance.

These metals being reactive metals, often when left unprotected can react with moisture and oxygen to form rust on them which not only damages their appearance but reduce their life-span.

Hence, surfaces of such articles and parts must be protected with some efficient paint coat that may be a powder coat or wet paint.

Which is better- powder coat or wet coat?

While both forms of coats are used to perform similar functions yet both are unique in their coating processes and have different advantages and disadvantages. Although both types of coatings contain resins, additives and pigments yet due to the addition of solvents in wet paints, they differ from powder coats which are devoid of solvents.

The solvents are added in wet paints to keep them in suspended liquid form whereas powder coating is applied as a dry powder. Both forms i.e. powder coatings and wet paints also differ in their application methods and equipment requirement for application as well as color matching, texture and final finish of surfaces.

Powder coating produces much superior texture and color matching largely due to the basic difference in chemical composition. The finish produced by powder coating offers better protection that wet paints to the metal surfaces from corrosion and other environmental damage.

Patina powder coat creates better scratch and chipping free finish due its inherent quality of acting as an effective barrier. As compared to wet paint powder coating provides better performance as it can be applied in much thicker layers than wet paint.

It also offers better resistance to other wear besides scratching and chipping as it undergoes thermal bonding during curing. On health and safety front powder coat is safer to store and apply whereas liquid i.e. wet paint is hazardous as careless storage can be a cause of chemical fire.

Since most of the wet paints emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), continuous or long term exposure to VOCs, especially in enclosed spaces, can cause respiratory irritations and aggravate other health problems. 

On the other hand powder coatings are devoid of any chemical fluids that may emit VOCs and hence offer complete security and freedom from the associate health and safety risks. Surface finish with powder coatings are time savers whereas traditional methods are considered slow due to dry times between coats. In addition clean up of wet paints is quite messy and usually require extra floor space and ventilation during the curing process.

Working on powder coating, Maui Powder Works have gained immense popularity for creating a realistic patina copper effect to metal in a non-traditional way.

Patina powder coat by Maui Powder Works has created perfect architectural effect termed as powder effect in an environmentally friendly way. Using powder coating technology through Maui Powder Works, you can create an amazing and perfect patina in paradise that helps in adding many more years to the life of objects.

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