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Perfect Options for the méduse lampshade Now

Already next to the sofa, the méduse lampshade can be lower. In this case, the height can vary between 30 to 50 cm from the upholstery or from the side table.

Pendant lamp in the dining room

The pendant lamp in the dining room is a classic. In order not to miss, install the luminaire at a height of 80 to 90 cm from the table top.

Pendant lamp in the bedroom

The bedroom is another incredible setting for the pendant lamps. Bet on the installation next to the bed, on the nightstand. The ideal height varies between 30cm and 50cm from the top of the furniture.

The lighting directly helps in the characterization of the environments. It is part of the whole climate created, the color of the light, the chosen lamp , all of this is part of creating a pleasant and inviting space. With a few tips for choosing the right lamp, you will create the perfect atmosphere.

Which fixture to choose?

Each luminaire has its own special feature whether by design or by light (direct or indirect). Pendant lamps, for example, are great choices to place in dining rooms. They create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for meals. If your dining table is in the kitchen, the tip is to choose a pendant lamp for the center of the table with white lamps on the sides. That way, you have an inviting atmosphere for meals or, if the side lamps turn on, a beautiful stimulating kitchen to prepare meals.

However, it is not just on the kitchen table that the suspended lamp creates a special mood. Choosing this model for the center of the living room, between the sofa and the television, contributes to the sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere for those moments you just want to relax.

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