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Save Time and Money by shopping tiles for home

Your home is your very own personal space where your imaginative concepts can be given a free run. And it can indeed seem a simple and challenging task to choose good floor tiles, especially if you have a creative bent of mind! Before selecting a quality floor tile package for your home, the size and design needed for your flooring should be determined.

Tiles are a stylish and functional alternative for many home decorating projects, but the costs can soon add up. You pay for the tiles and the adhesive, the grout, and the installation as well. So, how are you able to hold the costs down? When buying tiles, we’ll share our top tips for saving money.

Porcelain vs. Ceramic

It can be a big money saver to choose ceramic over porcelain when choosing a tile. More prestige holds the name Porcelain. More absorbent than ceramic is porcelain. Usually, it has a water absorption rate below 0.5 percent, making it suitable for bathrooms and washing. If you do not need high resistance to water, though, why pay extra for porcelain? Save cash and instead opt for ceramic. Choosing a ceramic tile over porcelain would save approximately 60% of the price of the purchase.

At the high end of the market, the price difference between ceramic and porcelain is not significant. But, when you compare mid-to low-end tiles, this increases. A fraction of a budget porcelain tile can cost a budget ceramic tile. You can use this to your benefit and install a top-quality ceramic tile for the same cost as an ordinary porcelain tile.

There are very few situations in which you can use porcelain. Generally, in any case, that does not have prolonged interaction with water, you would be able to substitute ceramic for porcelain. A tiled shower recess, for example, includes porcelain, but it can be ceramic for a bathroom floor.

Consider Materials Other Than Ceramic or Porcelain

Choosing a cheaper form of floor or wall covering is the most obvious way to save money when buying tiles.

Technology has now progressed to the point that, after you mount them, it is hard to tell tile and tile replacement apart. In recent years, vinyl tiles have come a long way and represent a comparable alternative to actual tiles. It is more durable than ever before, and it has significantly enhanced the print quality and texture. Often, vinyl tiles are slightly smoother underfoot and warmer than stone tiles.

To choose a durable and beautiful flooring in appearance, too, you should be smart enough. The main trick to buying the right kind of floor tiles for your house is good preparation. You can start by browsing for various belktile floor tiles at www.belktile.com.

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