Smart Indications for the best Movers

Always indicate on the outside of the box that its contents are fragile. When organizing a move, it is always good to classify the things you need to pack so that everything is as convenient as possible, especially when unpacking everything and arranging it in the new home. Particular attention must be paid to fragile objects, such as vases, glassware, furnishing elements, televisions and all those objects that can easily break, especially those made of crystal or materials of the same delicacy.

Plan your move

  • Get boxes (possibly not too big but resistant), newsprint or “bubble wrap” (typical material with air bubbles), adhesive tape from packages and markers.
  • Start packing immediately, starting with everything that is not strictly necessary at the moment.
  • Put your documents and everything you need in a box that you will always keep close at hand.
  • Remember to pack crockery and fragile objects as best as possible, using bubble wrap, paper or rags and try to avoid empty spaces remaining inside the box.
  • Boxes containing fragile objects must be marked on the outside with the wording “fragile”.
  • Pack the heavier objects (books, plates) in small boxes, in order to be able to handle them better.

Do not overfill the boxes: it is preferable to use more packages but of reduced dimensions. Close the boxes well, with adhesive tape, and make sure that the bottom is resistant to withstand the weight of the contents. Number and divide the boxes by room, marking them on the outside (for example: living room box, kitchen box.): in this way, at the time of unloading we can position them correctly. The movers denver services are the best ones in this case.

Completely empty the drawers of wardrobes, bedside tables, dressers and shoe racks. As far as hanging clothes are concerned, don’t worry: on the day of the move we will take care of hanging them in special trunks. With regard to paintings, curtains and chandeliers and table lamps, if during the inspection you decided to take care of them yourself, remember to remove them and pack them with cling film or paper, before the date set for the move. It is important that on our arrival, televisions, VCRs, hi-fi stereos, computers and lamps are already detached and wrapped in film or packed in their original boxes.

The evening before the move, the refrigerators and freezers must be emptied and removed.

General advice

Keep together all parts and pairs of things, for example, curtain rods, mirror pins, etc. Keep all small things in plastic bags, closed and labeled. Uses paper to protect all thin, delicate and glass things. Make sure that all liquids are collected in watertight containers to prevent them from spilling during transport

Avoid making the execution of a move coincide with the work of other workers (painters, masons.) in the same apartment.

if you have children it is advisable to entrust them to relatives and friends, to avoid being irritable and unwilling to respect their needs, not to forget that they could get hurt or get in the way of work. if you decide to dispose of bulky items, you should take advantage of the bulky items disposal service made available to citizens by all the garbage services, by booking the service with a phone call, otherwise you can communicate it to us in the quote stage.

If you have “parked” your furniture, even if it seems superfluous, take the exact measurements of all the furniture, they could be used to calculate the spaces in the new home. Finally, a useful tip, make sure that each pack does not weigh more than 25kg.



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