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Types of Kitchen Cabinets You Can Have in Your Homes 

What comes running to your mind when you think about renovating a kitchen to declutter it and make it spacious? Well, we are almost sure that it’s kitchen cabinets that have already started loitering around the corners of your eyes in response to our question. 

Cabinets are wonderful storage additions that will make your kitchen look bigger, better, brighter, and practical. All of it because there’s going to be enough space to move around freely. After all, who likes a congested and messy kitchen that, after a point in time, gets so stuffed and crowded that you don’t even know how to clean it since there’s no space left to organize anything anymore. 

If your kitchen has already reached its breaking point or you’re somebody who does not want to wait until your kitchen turns into a pit of mess, then the kitchen cabinets mentioned below will be the life-savers you were waiting for. 

  1. Base Kitchen Cabinets 

They go under the kitchen countertop and look super classy. These Kitchen Wholesalers cabinets offer enough space while maintaining the integrity of your kitchen – they do not look overboard or extravagantly out of place even when installed in small kitchens. 

What are They Used For? 

Well, other than the usual cutlery and crockery, these cabinets can also be used for:

  • Appliances like a dishwasher and oven.
  • Gas stoves and storing essentials like cleaning liquids etc. 


They can be made in wood. But you can also get them custom made in any material that you want. As long as the material you’re using is high-quality, you’ll need to just mop their surface with a damp cloth. 

  1. Wall Kitchen Cabinets

They look exquisite and they’ll do you much good if you have a lot of light utensils in your kitchen that are always scattered here and there. As long as the appliances you’re storing aren’t heavy, the wall cabinets won’t come crashing down when installed properly.  

What are they used for?

Like we said, for items that aren’t heavy. To be even more specific, they can be used to hold:

  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Spoons
  • Jars

Also, the upper shelves can be used to keep the items that you use the least. 


Normal water and a damp cloth are enough to clean the doors of the cabinets. 

  1. Pantry Cabinets

These wall to ceiling cabinets, also known as tall cabinets, look particularly classy when made in wood. The cost will depend upon the kind of wood that’s used to make the cabinet. 

What are They Used For? 

Everything is the answer. You can use them to store cutlery, heavy and light appliances you don’t use frequently, food items and groceries, and even cleaners. So, basically, they’re your spacious go-to cabinets when you want to just put things away to declutter your countertop.


Dusting them regularly is sufficient. 

On a parting note, whatever kitchen cabinet you buy, do make sure that you clean the interiors too. Dust can make things harder to clean. So, keep mopping your cabinets with a wet cloth from time to time to keep everything that’s stored inside them clean. 

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