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What Are The Best Areas To Use Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are known for their elegance, classy look, and shiny surface. Due to this, porcelain tiles are widely used for residential flooring where homeowners choose them for their kitchens, bathrooms, or entry foyers. There is a great variety of options, designs, and patterns available in porcelain tiles so much so that one may easily get confused and overwhelmed. So one must choose the patterns or designs in porcelain tiles carefully as their characteristics differ from pattern to pattern. 

We shall thus see what are some of the best areas where porcelain tiles can fit the best. 

  • Bathroom walls

One of the most remarkable features of porcelain tiles is that they are non-porous. i.e water cannot seep through these tiles. This makes them a perfect fit for bathroom walls as water and humidity is a great challenge one needs to acknowledge. Besides, porcelain bathroom tiles have countless designs available that can easily transform the look of your bathroom. 

  • Home exteriors

The exterior patios or walkways of your house may have a water-absorbing material that is quite susceptible to cracks and damage and also the heavy foot traffic in this area can make the walkways look worn out. The non-porous feature of the porcelain tiles plays a vital role in winters as there is no water left behind, inside the tiles to freeze. So the tile will not break due to the expansion and contraction cycle. This gives porcelain tiles an edge over other types of tiles. Club ceramic comes with several patterns of porcelain tiles that can transform the look of your entryways.

  • Areas with high foot traffic

The anti-slip characteristic of porcelain tiles is one of the major reasons why these tiles are used for the entryways. Further, no matter the number of people walking over them, the porcelain tiles will not scratch, let alone break. Another high foot traffic area is the stairs. The stairs are one of the best areas to use porcelain tiles, not just due to their strength, but since these tiles come in several designs and styles, including flooring options that look identical to wood. The only difference is that porcelain tiles are much more durable than wood. 

Porcelain tiles can thus be used at places where heavy foot traffic exists and apart from their great solidity, these tiles are available in numerous patterns, styles, and designs 

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