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What Is An Evaporative Cooler Or Swamp Cooler?

Lowering the temperature of a place requires the use of devices that can increase the airflow rate and eventually reduce the temperature. Fans and air conditioning units are useful devices in this aspect, but sometimes a different device that can work more than a fan but slightly lower than an air conditioner is needed. This device is known as a portable swamp cooler.

The swamp cooler is a cooling device that is somewhere between a fan and an air conditioner in its capacity to lower the temperature of a place.

Swamp coolers come in different shapes and sizes, but their designs are optimized for full efficiency.


  1. High-speed fan: The fan in a swamp cooler is capable of high speeds. That is necessary to increase the speed of airflow. Fans can reach a speed of up to 30 mph. This speed allows it to achieve impact cooling.
  2. Evaporative cooling: Swamp coolers work with water. They have a cooling tank which is part of its evaporative cooling system. The tank is filled with clean water (cold and icy water acceptable) that evaporates as the fans move. Evaporative cooling increases the humidity and cooling speed, bringing faster results.
  3. Safety measures: As they are can be used both outdoors and indoors, swamp coolers are designed with a high safety standard. Wires and parts are covered in rubber and plastic to avoid sparks and other electric accidents. The moving parts are also designed to work for a long time in harsh weather conditions. When exposed to sunlight for hours daily, the fans and evaporative units can stay for long without getting worn out.
  4. Low noise: The decibel levels of a portable swamp cooler are kept low to improve the comfort users experience when they use one. Noise pollution is absent except when certain faults like damaged rotors occur.
  5. Low consumption of electricity:Since they can be recharged or used with AC, swamp coolers are ideal for saving money spent on electric bills. Their design made it typical to use up to 70% less electricity than air conditioners.
  6. Oscillating louvers: A portable swamp cooler is equipped with oscillating louvers that increase the delivery of cooling air as the device works. The oscillating louvers distribute cool air evenly to keep the upper and lower parts of the room cool at the same time.


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